Posted by: bmeverett | January 5, 2016

Farewell to a Friend

Just a short post today to acknowledge the passing of Steve Bosworth, a good friend of 40 years. When I first went to work at the Federal Energy Office in Washington in 1974, the US was struggling to develop an international energy policy in the midst of a Middle East War, a drastic cut in Arab oil production and consequent price increase and a President in the Middle of the Watergate crisis. Responsibility for energy policy was scattered around the bureaucracy with no central focus. Enter Steve Bosworth, then Assistant Secretary of State for Energy who managed this impossible situation with intellect and professionalism. Some of the very few energy policy successes, including the Strategic Petroleum Reserve and the International Energy Agency, were developed under Steve’s leadership and remain in force today.

I won’t go into all of Steve’s professional accomplishments, including his three Ambassadorships, but I was delighted when Steve was appointed Dean of the Fletcher School, where I teach, in 2001. Given our longstanding friendship, I always gave Steve an hour of my class time to come and speak to the students on whatever issues were on his and their minds. Always worthwhile.

Steve was a very quiet individual, who spoke only when he had something meaningful to say. He was always a role model to me of how to manage complicated problems under crisis conditions. I will really miss him.


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